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Bø municipality, with it’s approximately 5800 residents, is geographically located in the central Telemark and shares border with Notodden, Seljord, Nome and Sauherad municipalities. Bø, along with Nome and Sauherad, are the three municipalities that form the Mid-Telemark region. These three municipalities have developed a close cooperation in many areas, including municipal services and community development. This region is home to approximately 16,000 people.

Bø is well known for its folk traditions and for being home to one of the four branches of Telemark University College (Høgskolen i Telemark). Bø has several times been called "the most beautiful place on earth" in modern literature, among others in Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's story, En glad Gut ("A Happy Boy").

Do you want to know more about Bø or the services the municipality provides?

  • Send an e-mail to: postmottak@bo.kommune.no
  • Call 35 05 90 00
  • Visit us on the service in Town Hall, Bøgata 67 - ground floor.
    Open Monday - Friday 09.00 - 15.00.
    Saturday and Sunday closed.



Day-care and education

Bø municipality have both private and public day-care, six all together. To apply for day-care, you have to use the e-forms at this link. The same e-form goes for public and private day-care.   


Bø municipality have two primary schools, one middle school, one high school, and a college.  The municipality also provide a program for education for adults (language and culture).

If you want to apply for the “after school” program for kids in primary school, you can follow this link to the e-form.


Property, development and renovation

If you have questions about building, renovation, property taxes and other things that have to do with buying and owning property in Bø. Please contact the Technical service.

They held office at “Bekkevold”, Gullbringvegen 20. Direct number is 35 05 91 61. Opening hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 15:00 E-mail: postmottak@bo.kommune.no   


Healthcare and welfare services

The Health and Welfare department is responsible for social- and refugee services, childcare, doctor services, environmental healthcare, family services, mental health, care, pedagogical-psychological services, rehabilitation, services for children.

The Social-and Refugee Service can provide assistance to people in difficult situation.

The Family Health Care is predominantly of a preventive nature and promotes health services to children, young people and their families.

Mental Health and care for people with drug related issues, provides help to older people with mental illnesses and to people with drug related problems. It also provides services to people with dual diagnosis (psychiatry /drug addiction).

Child Care provides help to children, aged from 0-18, who have different problems, and they will also examine the reports received about children, who are living in difficult situations.

About health and care services

The Health and Care department is responsible for special living accommodations for people, home services, service, health- and activity centers.

The Nursing Care is a service for those who, because of illness or disability, need the necessary assistance for a certain period of time. The service consists of help with personal hygiene, meals, medicines and other necessary health issues.

Home service or practical assistance is offered to those who are entirely dependent on assistance to carry out practical tasks in their home. The service can help with cleaning, washing and shopping.

If you think you or any of your relatives should receive a health and care service, you can apply for this through the service office at the municipality Postmottak@bo.kommune.no or by using this form


Culture and sports

The Culture, Sport and Leisure Department contribute to coordinate for culture. This is done by contributions or through promoters and managers of sports-and cultural facilities.

The Culture, Sport and Leisure Department embrace large areas of diverse culture.

Bø is historically known for its musical tradition, as well as the production of fiddles (similar to the hardingfele). Today Bø is known for its vibrant culture scene, which reaches from Folk culture to the modern arts. Some of the country’s best folk artist live and perform in Bø, as well as the large community of students bring a lot of modern artists here to perform. 


Tourist information – visit www.midt-telemark.com or www.visittelemark.com


Moving and change of address

At these offices, you can obtain information about the formalities involved when moving to Norway which are regulated by two national government bodies:

Bø Tax Assessment Office
The Office of the National Public Registrar

At these offices, you can obtain information about:

Moving and names Tax deduction cards
Tax returns
Inheritance and gifts Bø Tax Assessment Office
Value-added tax
Employers' contribution (social security)

Klick on the box to view a video presentation about how it is to live in Norway. Live in Norway




The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV) can help you to find work in Norway and in other EU/EEA countries through the EURES network. All EU/EEA citizens living in Norway can benefit from NAV services.


Emergency and immediate help

Fire 110
Police 112
Medical emergency 113
Doctors office 35 05 91 00
Emergency room 116 117
Technical sector 917 57 522
Crisis team 950 76 931
  35 05 90 41
  35 95 17 81
Veterinary 35 95 62 62


Further information

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